Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rampant Consumerism 2: We Don't Need No Stinking Fabric

On Friday, Jeepy Grrl and Groovygrrl went shopping. We have done this for two years in a row now, and we do it to just be weird. We do want to get great deals, but we aren't willing to fight for anything. Or trample anyone. Sheesh! What were those people thinking? Were they people?

Our day started at 5:45am, at Target. There I am above, in my coat and headband. It was a cold morning. I'm showing off the map of Target that some person was handing out. I am making fun of it, as I hope is obvious--who doesn't know how to navigate an effing Target?

Well, maybe the map was given to us because one of us didn't wear a coat, and the dude thought we were out of our collective mind. Jeepy Grrl, you are crazy! Please note in pictures below that she did accept my offer of a scarf for the day.

This shot above is of the civilized crowd in Target. You can see Jeepy Grrl's head in the very back, just down and right from the "New!" sign. Oh, and ALL DAY people were saying, "She just took a picture!" To which I replied, "I'm a blogger. Let it go."

After Target we hopped over to JCPenney, for a luggage deal. We needed directions, and I looked for some help. "Oooh! Jeepy! A man in a hat! I bet he knows." He certainly did know where the luggage was, and told us. Also, cluing in to the "I'm a blogger" reference, Jeepy told him, "She's a blogger," when I pulled out my camera, and he immediately put on that big smile. Great reaction skillz! Thanks, Man in the Santa Hat!

After JCPenney, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. There was nothing beyond what we've already seen there in our lives, so there are no photos. We were beyond hungry, and so we went to Gunther Toody's for their Big Bopper Breakfast. Above are Cora and Pixie, our servers. What a delight--they were in such good spirits to be working on such a difficult day.

Whew! After breakfast, I marveled at the back of the Jeep. Yes, the seat was down already, to hold our loot. We traveled to JoAnn fabrics, because I always like to sew something for someone during the holidays, and they always have great deals after Thanksgiving. Last year, we waited for over an hour to get the fabric cut. We suspected that would be our lot on this day, as they were on number 23 when I took my number:

Yeah, forget it. I went back the next day, and there was no line at all, with the same deals. Instead of gettting fabric, that day we wandered around the store, finding other deals. I saw this wreath, and one part of me, the Gaudy part, said to Jeepy, "Do I kinda like this?" She replied, "Oh my god, why would you?" Okay, so that's a "no." This is why we shop with friends when we have been up since 4:45am:

I didn't need any help wondering if I liked this item:

No, I find it both baffling and horrifying. Especially Santa's remark about "piles." Appropos is this final photo, the remains of the Jeep after we emptied it of our purchases:

I didn't want to ask.


  1. My husband wants to go next year - to see, not shop. I don't know that I need anything that badly and refuse to give up the warmth of my bed!

  2. What a great post! I LOVED seeing what I missed while I was tucked snug in bed. Somehow, I think it would have been fun with the two of you, but you wouldn't have had room for me in the car. BTW, I sorta like the wreath too, but I have no idea where to put something like that.

  3. GREAT blog post. Everybody lubs da pictures.

    When I take people of people for my blog, I hand them a bookmark that has my site addy on it. :D