Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide

Just another service I provide--gift giving advice! Of course, all my advice today is coming from the premier holiday gift fair in Denver: Gifts for Yule. All photos are linked to a website, if that vendor has one. Above, we have a lovely selection of handmade dolls, all crowded into their little crib. Please note how they seem at ease with one another, even though they are all different. Republicans, take a lesson. Jennifer, your dolls are NOT ButtUglee. They're cute as anything!

Here we have a lovely selection of handmade pottery, from Julie. I am into bright colors and whimsy, in case you hadn't noticed.

Jennifer at Dizzie Izzie enhances children's clothing, to great effect:

My daughter would approve. The folks at Fancy Tiger were giving the crafty lookers something to purchase. You know you do it! You know you walk around a craft fair, thinking, "I can make that myself." Fancy Tiger dares you to do it! They make it easy for you, though. Check out the colors on these yarns:

Dia Kline is one of my favorite jewelry makers. Her line this year includes vintage-inspired luggage tags, stamped with a 100-year-old stamp, in whimsical words of her choosing. I suppose "goy" would fit me:

Dia gets two pictures, because I love her and her stuff so much. Also because she dresses up mini-mannequins to look like ancient preistesses. Gotta love that. These ladies are ready for anything:

Speaking of mannequins:

This one is in a prom dress and an Elvis bag. I secretly covet that bag, even though I'm more of a Beatles girl. Joy at Studio Bead knows how to work a display.

The cute continues with these felt sachets, filled with organic lavender from Diane's garden. Click the photo to email her:

But where are the fanciful, vintage glass ornaments, you ask? Relax! They're right here:

Willa Fuller and Todd Vadas live in Lakewood, and assemble these into bouquets for your holiday d├ęcor. Love it! Beauty!

And finally, vending next to me (along with Diane), is Phyllis Quinn. This beautiful green crystal bracelet caught my eye immediately:

Support independent businesses ths year, when shopping for gifts. It directly affects the economy, on a "main street" level. Happy holiday shopping!

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  1. Wow! Great pics! Nice show and you are so right - shop local.