Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the Radio!

Is it really a radio show if it's on the Internet? Must radio waves be involved for a show to be called a "radio" show? Or is the simple fact that voices are broadcast to the world, somehow, and someone else listens---is that what makes it a radio show? What if nobody is listening?

No need to get too philosophical here. I'm a guest on a radio show, this Wednesday! Book World News! You can listen!


Go to that link to listen, live! Wednesday, November 12, at 8:30pm EST (that's 6:30pm Mountain time). While listening live, there is also the option to chat! Ah, technology.

And in this age of the Interwebs, there is no need to fret, of course, You can listen to it when the archive is posted.

Yaaay! I'm gonna talk about books! *collective audience snores*