Friday, November 07, 2008

Collage page on Etsy

For those who don't know about Etsy, please allow me to educate you. It's the world's largest collection of crafters, each with a shop that's available anytime, online. The interface is easy to use--browsing for items is made simple and exciting with many different ways to do it. You can browse by:
  • category
  • color
  • keyword
  • newest listed
  • seller
just to name a few ways. My favorite, ADD way to browse is "Pounce." Every time I click the button, up pop three items that just sold, along with other things in that shop for sale. Don't like those things? Click again. Click click click.

Because of the huge number of crafty people in one place, there are more than a few craft suppliers on Etsy, as well. I recently bought a kit for making 5 glass tile necklaces. Kits! Fabric! Buttons! Beads! Findings! Adhesive! Paper! It's a crafter's paradise.

Got some cash sitting in your Paypal account? Head on over to Etsy, and support independent businesses. Take The Handmade Pledge, if you want. Once you get there, it will be easy to see why you might want to.

The photo above is of my latest listing: a collage page of flower photographs. It's another way to self-publish--individual pages. That's another reason why I love Etsy--it creates an environment where technology meets creativity, and new ways to sell things happen.

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  1. I plan to join Etsy soon. I love the pounce button, too. It let me know what it is that people are interested in buying.