Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Nuther vacation log

Last Friday, cutie girl woke up with a huge swollen upper lip. It didn't get worse, so we waited until Monday to take her to the doctor, because it was still there. She has a huge welt/thingy on her upper gum, protruding out quite far, and it was bleeding. Eeew! The doctor said it was not infected, and told me to administer Children's ibuprofen and come back in a week.

Well, just since we've been doing the ibuprofen, her mood has improved considerably, as have her sleeping habits. Imagine that: pain relief means better sleep and disposition. Who woulda known?

Also, today the swelling is down considerably. Maybe we won't have to go back on Monday, after all. It was traumatic for her last time--3 people holding her down while she screamed. Yeah, I don't want to revisit that.

I've been making soap. My fatigue has impacted my practice--I made a mistake measuring last night, so I have to re-batch that tonight. Grrr. I can't unleash lye-heavy soap onto the public, though. Lye-heavy=bad. Fatty=good.


  1. i just got back from vacation

  2. So did you ever find out what that "ouch" was on Cutie's lip?

  3. Well, it happened when she fell out of bed, because the same thing happened again, last week. The exact same thing. Only this time, I heard her fall out of bed. And she climbed into bed with us with that fat lip again. I looked at it recently, and the bump is still under there, but it just gets smaller and smaller. I moved a plastic toy tub that was right near her bed, and put cushions on the floor, instead. Of course, since I did that she hasn't fallen out of bed, anyway, so there you go.