Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Today I needed a break from everybody. I've finally been getting some sleep, but since doing that, my body only wants more. I'm tired all day, now. Depression? Recovery from the school year? Who knows?

In any case, I was on the internet, and papa was watching the cutie, and I was looking at crafty things. And then I thought, "You should just go to the craft store. It is summer, you know."

So I told papa and cutie that I was going out.

However, I didn't go to the craft store. I went to Cost Plus World Marketplace. I must say, I am disappointed in their soap selection. They aren't importing handmade soaps anymore. They are all "made exclusively for Cost Plus" by some company in California. They used to have French soaps and Scottish soaps--no more. Furthermore, many of the soaps they carry are glycerin-based, and not handmade. *sigh*

After that, I went to the Cherry Creek Mall, which is right next door. I bought myself a pair of new Crocs--the flip-flop style you see above, only with a white footbed and light blue, um...outer parts.

Anyway, before I bought the shoes, I had to visit the ladies' room. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Cherry Creek has always had the best toilet stalls ever. I went in there, and closed the door, and hung my purse on the very thoughtful hook. I locked the door. I then strode to the toilet, which was a full 3 feet from the door. There is a LOT of room in those toilet stalls. And with the door locked, nobody's going to bother you. I thought to myself, the person who needed some solitude, " I could stay in here all day and read a book, and nobody would know." It was a very comforting thought. Furthermore, the stall for people with disabilities is so large, a mother with a large stroller could fit in there, comfortably. They do have a family restroom that is spacious, as well, but in a pinch someone could use that stall. Or they could set it up as a small office.

With my new Crocs in hand, I walked on and found myself in front of the "handmade" soap store. I guess most of their soap is, indeed, handmade. I found some that wasn't, but whatever. They had good stuff, mostly. I bought a sugar scrub, thinking I can reproduce it for myself. I don't think I want to sell them, as there are preservative issues involved.

But I bet I can recreate it close enough that I'll be happy with it. I need to use it on my feet. They are currently hideous.


  1. I bought my first 2 pairs of Crocs Memorial Day weekend. I got a pair like yours, only pink and green ( and the Beach clogs in pink ( I love them. I wore them almost every day to school. Now that the kids aren't there, I am going to wear my flip flops!

  2. Did I ever tell you about my experience in the restrooms in one of the very fancy malls? (It was Park Meadows or Cherry Creek. Can't really remember.)It was many years ago, with my ex-husband, just after I moved to Colorado. We'd gone Christmas shopping, so had to take turns, leaving one person with the packages. An older lady was with her husband, who suffered from advanced Alzheimers, so she had him on a leash. She asked me to hold onto him while she used the restroom. Foolishly, I agreed.
    She handed over the leash and went into the restroom. Then he started mumbling that he needed the bathroom, and started to head into one of the phone booths with little half doors. I was trying to stop him, but he was very insistent. Everyone else was looking at me like I was mistreating my grandfather, not letting him go to the bathroom. I swear,if his wife hadn't come back right then, he would have peed in a corner by the phone.