Monday, January 02, 2006

Vacation Log: Day 17--Last Day. :(

'Tis the last day of my vacation. Baby girl got up at 4:45am, and did not fall back asleep. I got up with her around 6:30am and made pancakes and bacon. They were delicious.

Little monkey played for a long time in the morning, while I read the paper and did some work on the computer. Newsflash! I did my sales tax returns for my soap business, and I have the money to cover the taxes! This is an accomplishment for me, anti-saver.

I called my mom today, and talked with her for a while. Her knee is getting better, and she's been going for walks outside. This is a major improvement for her--that knee has given her trouble for a long time.

*sigh* Did some laundry. Watched some kiddie tv. Now I'm just waiting for bathtime, so I can go to bed.

And go to work tomorrow.


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