Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year. New Ideas.

It doesn't always happen that I start thinking about money in particular at this time of year. It's just that, well, taxes are due soon, and I need to make sure I can cover them.

We usually have a big ebay selling stint from February through March, in order to cover the tax bill.

In any case, I've already started my taxes. I think this may be the last year that I do them myself. My time is getting more and more valuable. However, I am a control freak about my finances, which I do not think is a bad thing. However, sitting around for hours and hours, adding up receipts does not hold the mystique for me that it used to. I can't imagine that it would cost that much. And I always owe on my taxes anymore, anyway. Harumph.

So, because I'm full of the money-making ideas, I present a list to share. Perhaps I'll help/inspire someone else, as well.

My idea list:

It's difficult to fight this extreme fatigue I'm feeling and have all these ideas, too. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time.


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    You've got lots of ventures going on, there...I hope they all work.

    Also, my geography knowledge is quite're not in southern Colorado, are you? I hope you're safe from the fires if you are in that part of the state.

    Heck, I just hope you're safe from the fires.


  2. No, Denver is in the northern half of Colorado. I was unaware that there were fires today. I'll have to go check on that.

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I saw the headlines on Yahoo, and thought of you. Like I said, I forgot my Colorado geography.


  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Here's the link so you don't think I'm nuts!


  5. Um, you're tired cause you do so much?