Sunday, January 01, 2006

Vacation Log: Day 16

It's January 1, 2006!

Should I resolve something? Is my life so desperate that I need to "decide firmly on a course of action," to make it better?

How about this: I'll just continue to go to work every day, and make enough money to feed my family, and continue to be a generally good person.

(Am I cranky, or what?)

Okay, okay. I'm just scroogy. I'll stop now. "I resolve to be less scroogy."

How about we make resolutions that are fun? How about, "I resolve to speak in old-fashioned phrases more often." Example: "Fill up the car with petroleum distillate, post haste!" Or "He doesn't have the sense god gave a goose." Yeah. That'll make my life better.

I also resolve to speak my mind more, and care less what people think. That'll improve my life, too. Not that I care too much what people think, but when you work in a school, this thought that everyone is dissecting your words and actions does take over, somewhat. So, I'm gonna speak the truth. There's some life improvement for you.

Truth #1: It's freaking cold in my basement, where my daughter is watching Boobah right now.

Truth #2: I actually love Boobah.

Truth #3: Getting in touch with old friends is awesome! I talked today with a friend who I haven't seen for 12 years. It is so great to find out how he's been doing, and what he's been doing, etc. He's been leading a very interesting life. Except now he lives in Houston. Too bad, that.

Truth #4: Tomorrow is the last day of this vacation. Boo.

Grade for day 16: A+++++++

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  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Happy New Year to you too, dahling...