Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I teach and teach and teach

...and then I come home and collapse.

Most days, that's how it goes. I wonder if my day seems normal to anyone. So, here goes:

A Day In The Life of Amy, Teacher/Public Servant

4:45am: Alarm rings. This is the alarm on my cell phone, as Baby Girl smashed my wonderful Zen alarm clock that woke me with a gentle *ding! .......ding!* each morning. She didn't know any better....'twas my own fault.

4:50am: I shut off the snooze feature, and get up. Pee. Brush teeth. Et cetera.

5:15am: Breakfast. Sometimes.

5:30am: Dress

5:40am: Breastfeed Baby Girl. This part of the plan is slowly receding. Some days she wants to, and some days she wants to sit in her crib and talk to Monkey. Whatever, Girly!

6:00am: Leave house to either a) catch the bus or b) walk to work. Either way, I get there on time. It pretty much depends on how cold it is. Cold=bus.

6:45-6:50am: Arrive at school.

7:00am: Power up computer. Situate my outerwear. Get water. Email S. See that he is coming to my office to talk. Finish my email, anyway. Talk w/S about the movie we are writing. Sometimes we plan for class.

7:25am: Go to 1st period. Stand in hallway and greet students for the morning. Receive varying comments, the range of which is: "Good Morning, Ms. K!" to , "uuuunnngh."

7:30am: Period 1. Math class w/K.

8:15am: Period 2. My planning period. I either a) plan for my day in my office, doing paperwork, emailing folks, creating work for kids, meet w/team members to plan for classes, meet w/parents or b) go to Starbuck's w/S, and plan with him on the way.

9:12am: Head upstairs to...

9:15am: Period 3. Reading class w/A.

10:07am: Stand in hallway and tell the 8th graders to get it together, do they think this behavior will get them anywhere in high school, and would you please pull up your damned pants?

10:11am: Work with kids w/autism on writing and keyboarding skills, until

11:00am: My lunch, during which I am usually a)working. There is no b) eating, unless I am c) apathetic, at which point I will put my feet up and b) along with d) reading a good book.

11:53am: Period 6: My resource class. Work w/7th grade kids on their homework. Tell the 6th graders to shut it. More homework w/7th graders. Tell the two 6th graders to shut it, already, they are on their last warning. More homework, some whining from 7th graders, send one of the 6th graders downstairs, document the action, and then that's about time for...

12:45pm: The bell.

12:49pm: Period 7. Language arts w/S. Teach teach teach. Until...

1:38pm: The bell. My IEP time. Time to write IEPs, meet w/parents, call parents, email parents, email people downtown who are supposed to help me, realize that I have a new kiddo with an IEP, go to the file to get it, but it isn't there because the school hasn't sent it yet, so how am I supposed to teach this new kid, well don't worry about it, Amy, he's suspended already, anyway.

2:30pm: Last bell. School's out. Sit in my office and do work until

3pm: Time to go home. If there isn't a meeting, and there usually is.

Let's assume I do get to leave. Well, I don't go home, now, do I? I either

a) go to a class that I hate, which I have done before, and don't even want


b) go home, feed my baby, then at

4:30pm: run off to

c) my college class that I'm teaching. Teach teach teach. Become exhausted.

8:30pm Arrive home. Collapse.

Now, someone help me. Does everyone do this? That's a Thursday I just described, where I get up at 4:45am and get home at 8:30pm. Does everyone live like this? Is it just me?

Oh, and don't PAY me what I deserve, either!!!


--groovygrrl, queen of crankiness

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