Thursday, February 12, 2004

Annoying Crap

The Daily Crap in Public School That Annoys Me

1. The constant gossip. Teachers gossiping about other teachers, paraprofessionals gossiping about teachers, children gossiping about other children. If they took all that energy and used it for something productive, we could fix public schools forever.

2. The children who are jerks. Oh, I'm SO SORRY that I called a child a jerk. Too bad that it's true. Some of them use no manners whatsoever, and apparently they show up every day because they enjoy tormenting someone other than their parents.

3. Administrators who lie.

4. My salary is not equitable. Do you really want me to go into this? Perhaps in a separate post, I will. Let it suffice that this annoys me, all day, every day.

5. We are the only profession where we are required to pursue an advanced degree in order to be paid more. I have to PAY for my own raise.

6. The endless BS that we have to do: paperwork, meetings that are endless, interventions for students who couldn't care less, more meetings, oh, and don't forget the extracurricular activities! We need to show up after work, to prove that we really care! My presence and spectacular performance aren't enough.

7 . The beck-and-call attitude that some people have for me. I serve children, not other teachers. I'll help you when I'm done teaching. (Which, considering my crankiness, will be sooner rather than later.)

8. Breakfast duty. Yes, we need people with Master's degrees supervising the children while they eat...or rather, while they purposely break the rules, so they can then yell at me and call me names first thing in the morning, while I correct their behavior. Who needs coffee? :/

9. "Maintaining the Integrity of the 40-Hour Workweek." Please! When was the last time I only worked 40 hours? Are you people insane?

10. Upper-eschelon (sp?) administrators who get a $10,000/year raise during the year when teachers got NOTHING, and then come speak at our meetings and say, "We are going to ask you to work harder." I'll work harder at NOT throwing this stapler at your head, maybe.

--groovygrrl, queen of rants

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