Saturday, March 22, 2008

Separated at birth?

So my husband says to me, "I bet you were one of those girls who loved Rex Smith."

To which I replied, "Rrrrrrowwwrrrr."

After which, it just flew right out of my mouth, I swear, "He's a cleaned-up version of Kip Winger. Rather, Kip Winger was a dirtier version of Rex Smith. Double-rrrrrowwwrr."

My husband disbelieved this. I found the images to prove it. Please cover your keyboards with anti-drool material before viewing.

I suppose these images are safe for work.

Rex Smith. Teen Beat Magazine. Perfect hair, perfect cheekbones, muscle shirt. Yummah.

Kip Winger. Perfect '80s metal hair, perfect cheekbones, muscle shirt. Leather pants. YUMMAH.

Now, scroll up and down, and just look at them. Rex, Kip. Rex, Kip. Rex, Kip.

See? SEE?


  1. I see! I see!

    But who are they?

  2. WHAT???

    Okay, Rex Smith is/was a sensitive, love-song-singing sexpot droolyboy from the late '70s.

    Kip Winger is/was the lead singer of the metal band, Winger, from the '80s. Kip is from Boulder, Colorado. I believe he now lives in Santa Fe. I have always considered him lucious.

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    I have learned that Kip is from Denver, not Boulder, and he did live in Santa Fe for a while, but now lives in Tennessee. I think. Maybe.

  5. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Oh, I had such a crush on Rex Smith...I had the poster of him with his shirt off and wearing sweatpants...OMG - delightful!