Sunday, March 16, 2008

groovygrrl: the grammar police

I collect grammar errors like other people collect ceramic poodles.

From a "beauty tips" website:

"Vaseline applied to the feet helps to keep them soft and subtle."

Oh! Thank goodness! Overt feet are so unseemly!


  1. I've always thought my feet were too big. Maybe I should try vaseline!

    Here are some bloopers written by an "education specialist" back when I worked with such critters:

    The quest for world peace is an elusive goal in our global world.

    Identical twins often look exactly alike.

    At the age of seven, Ray Charles lost his sight and became blind.

    Thousands of Albanians are feeling to Italy.

    The fact is, whales are not fish at all. They are mammals, just like humans. That means they give birth to live babies and have hair covering their bodies.

    Find a rock at least six inches tall in height when it is lying down.

    The first engine to make use of steam was the steam engine.

    Explain to students that, sadly, the Russian Space Agency has decided to end its activities on Mir and crash into an ocean on Earth next year.

    Some of today's custom masks are so realistic, they appear real.