Saturday, March 22, 2008

Definitely separated

The Internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Okay, Kitt. This post is for you. And hey, all you Internet friends, this is for you, too, even though you probably know who Rex Smith and Kip Winger are. Kitt didn't know!

This shocks me a little bit, probably because I am egocentric, and think that everyone remotely close to my age knows every little trivial fact that I know. Imagine my shock.

So, in the interest of illumnating my previous post, I present to you, for your rock and or roll edification:
Rex Smith and Kip Winger are More Different Than They Are Similar, Even Though They Appear to Be Good Twin/Bad Twins--
No Venn Diagrams Needed

Here is a Rex Smith video found on YouTube. The made-for-TV movie Sooner or Later is a fond memory of mine. From when I was 9 or 10 years old.


Here is a Kip Winger video, also found on YouTube. Also a fond memory, from when I was 18 or 19 years old. Please note that he would be, in my book, THE GOOD TWIN.

*cheshire grin*

Discuss. Extra credit will be given for anyone who can name a different Winger song in the comments.


  1. Wow, I must've been living under a rock or something. Or listening to Barry Manilow.

    But they're both awesome in their own way.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you think so! :) :) :)

    In the '80s, you weren't living under a rock. There were so many choices for music genre (hard rock, hair metal, new wave, madonna, prince) that you may not have listened to one lick of music that was similar to someone else.

  3. Eep! Never heard of either of them! But that Kip dude sure is hawt!

    And why does everyone beat up on poor Barry Manilow? What'd he do?

  4. I don't know why they beat up on Manilow. I can't smile without him.

  5. Hey, I'm not beatin' up on Barry! That's really who I was listening to in the late '70s. I thought he was dreamy.

  6. So I like you again, Kitt! :-D

  7. Actually, Kip did a cover of "Purple Haze" featuring Dweezil Zappa on guitar.

  8. where's my extra credit???