Wednesday, July 09, 2008


My lappy! It's in "the shop." Apparently, it has a defect from its manufacture. The Apple gods are fixing it for no charge, which is nice, but they have my lappy!

I walk into the kitchen to sit down at the table, and no lappy. *sniffs* I feel very vulnerable. What if all my info is lost? I backed it up, but still! I want my lappy back!

Add to that the fact that I woke up before 6am today, prepared the coffee, wandered around, waiting for the water to boil, and then realized that I hadn't turned on the stove. This is the sort of behavior that is remedied by coffee! Hefty helping of irony, anyone?

*blinks slowly* *sluuuuuuuurps*

I made it, eventually. But not before discovering a puddle of pee by the back door. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I hear ya!

    woke up this morning and discovered I'd forgotten to make a new batch of cold-drip coffee yesterday. Had to haul out the regular coffeemaker and it's just not the same.

    Hope lappy's home soon.

  2. Gasp! No laptop? Oh, the horrors.
    You definitely must get some coffee in you. Lots of it.

    Sounds like you need an hour at a coffee shop with some sort of decadent latte today.