Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Return of the Lappy, Dysentery, and Why The White Pioneers Died

Point the first: I got my lappy back. Hooray! It appears that all my information is still intact, etc. etc. I'm thrilled!

Point the second: I haven't been around much because I caught the dysentery that my daughter had, then my husband had. Saturday morning around 3am is when it hit. I couldn't go to my Saturday farmer's market, which was a bummer, but I wasn't even bummed out about it, because I could barely move. I was in pain from head to toe. I didn't do anything but lie on the couch and watch tv, or sleep, or moan. Then, at about 3am the next morning, it was like a switch had been turned inside me, and I knew my stomach was better. I had to do the Sunday market, which was BRUTAL, because I was wrung out from the illness. It was good for my muscles, though--they were sore from all the vomiting and stillness. Moving around in the heat is good for muscles, apparently.

Point the third: The white pioneers died from dysentery because they didn't have Alka Seltzer or bananas. Or clean water, much of the time. They just writhed around on the floors of their dugouts, vomiting and shitting themselves and moaning.

Ask me how I know.

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  1. I hope you're feeling much better by now! (Finally catching up on my blog-reading.)