Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beef on sale (Vegetarians look away)

My public service announcement of the week:

In Denver, in the Albertson's sale pages, there is a misprint. Family packs of bone-in ribeye steaks were $4.88/pound. But on one page, they printed the price as $3.97/pound. That's the best price you're gonna get on ribeyes, people. Go to Albertson's this week, and buy the limit! (They limited us to 10 pounds--even though it didn't say that in the flier. I don't think. I'll go look.)

Pack that freezer, people! It's summer, and time for grillin'!


  1. I checked, and I do have that circular! I'll be picking up some steaks today! Thanks!

  2. I'm hungry now...thanks, people. :-D