Saturday, April 07, 2007


I recommend going back and reading through every single one of your blog posts sometime. I guarantee, it will be enlightening.

Going back through mine (I'll save you the time, don't worry), I found out that I have been "working" on a book for two years. Two years! And no nearer to publication. That's just unacceptable.

My idea to get us out of debt through online publishing has been in the works for over one year. There has been some progress with this, and I plan on doing more. I just have to make a little money to get things rolling with that. So that's good. Actual progress, there.

I can't believe how cranky I was two years ago. I can't believe my husband is still with me. I was really unpleasant. Things are better, now. I'm not as cranky.

I also can't believe how much I was working. I still work a lot, but I will never do three jobs at once like I was before. Self-employed at three jobs? Maybe. Employed elsewhere at three jobs? No.

The coffee tastes really good this morning. I'm still hopeful. This year is going to be a busy one for soap, but it will be good. If I'm in at the third market I applied to, we will be full-time soapers this summer. If DH can help me, then we'll be fine.

Summer is decidedly not here yet, as evidenced by the SNOW outside. I hope this is the last wintry hurrah, but I'm not as desperate about the cold as I was in the winter. We've had a few warm days, and I let the warmth sink into my bones, so I'm okay with this, for now.

I think I'll go make some scones. Happy weekend, everyone.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Oh honey, you've just got all these dreams you HAVE to get taken care of and last year it didn't seem anything was going your way PLUS the administration at your school has changed and that helped your attitude so much.
    You're a wonderful, honest, loving and giving person. I feel blessed to know you even though I don't see you much at all.