Thursday, August 03, 2006

...where it will go....

So I was reading the paper this morning, and came to the movie advertisements. There is a new movie out, called The Night Listener, starring Toni Colette and Robin Williams. What struck me as interesting about this movie is not its actors nor its premise (indeed, I don't know its premise), but the review at the top of the ad.

Roger Ebert proclaims: "...An eerie Hitchcockian Thriller..."

Hitchcockian? I must not be in the Hollyweird loop, because this word struck me as funny. And not because of the word in the middle. Okay, maybe a bit.

I wondered how many other people use the word Hitchcockian. Turns out, it's quite a few. A Google search noted 966,000 results for it. I thought that Hitchcockian dot net would reveal to me the seedy underbelly of the world where people use this word. Alas, it was not to be so. It's one of those weird mini-sites full of links. Hitchcockian bastards.

Okay, so there we come back to my thought process. "Hitchcockian" sounds like other things to me. It also sounds very "made-up," which I'm sure it is/was. It works as a word, I suppose. I know what Ebert means when he says it. I suppose it's been used to describe M. Night Shyamalan's work. I would.

But it made me think of other things:

Mr. Tom Fooligan, Football Hooligan. He's

Or perhaps a rogue, attractive in a, "he's such a boor, but I could tame him, and I bet he's good in the sack," sort of way. He's so Madmartigan.

Of course, we can always go to the verb side of Hitchcockian: someone who's always grabbing his crotch.

Okay, I'm done.


  1. this makes me think of a dream sequence in the movie "Hollywood Shuffle" where the male protagonist is auditioning for a role, and the casting guy is telling him to be more like eddie murphy - "murphyesque - murphonic -murphy-like".

    Good post! Are you going to go see this film? It sounds interesting, but I'm Robin William-ed out.

  2. I kindof want to see it, but as I have a toddler, and as school is starting soon, I don't see it happening.