Sunday, August 13, 2006

End-of-Vacation Log

Can you believe the end of vacation is here? Can you believe:

  • I have worked at the farmer's markets 24 times?
  • I have sold approximately 720 bars of soap over this summer?
  • I have sold close to 1,000 bars of soap since the end of April?
What kind of a vacation is that? Well, it's mine. I spent a lot of time with my daughter and my husband. We went swimming in the backyard paddling pool, and at the rec center pool. We went out for ice cream. We went to the park. We read a lot of books. We sang songs. We danced every day!

I'm going back to school, for just a few hours, tomorrow. Trying to set up my office, as they made me move it this year. If I can get some of that kind of stuff done, then the first few days won't be as hectic.

I am sure going to miss my cutie. This was a great summer break.

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