Friday, August 04, 2006

What does it take?

You will note that I have added another blog link to the right. Her blog name is "Dooce," and no, I didn't misspell it. She's a wonderful writer, and she takes photographs, too. Fun stuff. Have a read.

After looking at her About page, I realized that she makes money off her blog. In fact, if her About page is to be believed, she supports her family FROM HER BLOG. Just from the advertising. That's how many people read her blog each day.

So now I wonder: how does one get so many people to read one's blog? Posting it on craigslist? Word-of-mouth? Not in her case: she became famous for being fired for blogging. And now, in this world, a person can get paid because of blog popularity. Blogging is not difficult, people.

And so, I admit, I am considering this. Considering how to make my blog more interesting, more exciting, more...more....advertisement-worthy. I suppose little vignettes about my life would help. Most of the popular bloggers do that. It's either that or do political rants, and frankly (Franken! Love him!), that's covered. I don't wanna.

I believe I'll continue to blog daily, and tell the stories, and see just how popular I become. I suppose I'll have to have a "real" website, to support "real" advertising. Maybe not. Maybe I should read Blogger's terms of service more carefully, so I know what is actually allowed.

But I don't see any big news stories in my future. So I guess I'll just stick with tellin' my tales to the three people who read this.

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  1. Dooce got really popular after she got fired from her job for posting about work. She had some articles written about her and word of [mouth] blog. It helps that she is very funny and a writer. When she opens comments on her posts, she can get 100 in less than a day. I'd like to get 100 comments a month.