Sunday, July 16, 2006

Good reviews

I got a good review on a blog comment, which lead to someone reading it, which led to a soap sale. So, thanks, Sudiegirl! I appreciate the recommendation. You made me some money, today.

Which just goes to show you, the internet is, indeed, a wonderful place.

On now, to Deadwood.


You know I love a show when the whole episode is prep for the NEXT episode, and I still want to watch it twice in one night. Which someone can do, if that someone has digital cable and has both HBO-East and HBO-West channels. *big grin* If you are into grisly, violent fight scenes, you can see last week's right here. I'm warning, you, though. It is both violent and grisly. You have been warned. Repeatedly.

One more thing: if you don't watch the show, then you are cheering for Dan, in the fight. He's the one with the long hair and no hat. Okay, then.

Although, tonight, I don't think I'll watch the show again, as I'm tired from this weekend. Two markets in over 100 degree heat. I'm wiped out. So now, I have to go make soap, and sugar scrubs, and more soap. It's a good problem to have.


  1. No sweat, darlin'. The gent that interviewed you is a transplanted Texan, and he's really a lot of fun. Plus, maybe he can get you in for spa time, hair styles, and other goodies at the cosmetology school he teaches at.

    (oops...I ended a sentence with a preposition. Sigh...)

    Anyway, I'd say keep in touch with him; sounds like the bloggers in Denver are a lively bunch.


    PS: I wouldn't have directed him to you if I didn't think you were good. :0)

  2. The internet is indeed a wonderful place. I have met many new friends here and hope to meet more.

    I am waiting on pins and needles for my package to arrive. It will be nice to try and give my feedback... and a plug or two on my blog for you!

    Hugsssssss Phoenix aka your new customer ;-)

  3. Please let me know when they arrive. Did they make it today?

  4. Are you all talking about me...? ;)

  5. Unfotunately, no. We could, though. What wouuld you like said? ;)

  6. I could contribute something - but I think you should ask for a free hairstyling, groovygrrl!

  7. Does my hair look bad? :/