Saturday, February 18, 2006

Random thoughts

I'm applying for jobs. I have my resumé updated, but this one job is really testing my patience, and I just might let it go. I suppose there's nothing out of the ordinary about the application itself--it calls for an entire work history. However, I can't simply muster the motivation to list it. And to find my current and former salaries. I mean, I would be estimating. And the application practically makes you promise that you'll poke your own eyes out with a stick if you put false information on there.
Well, hell! I've been working for a long time! I don't remember what my teeny-weeny salary was 14 years ago! Jeez!
So, I'm thinking I should just let it go. And focus on writing what I want, which is my book. I think the payoff will be greater.


Oh, speaking of my book--no, I haven't written much for it. But I have been collecting data for it, and reading for it, etc. I'm also still teaching at the university, which gives me a good idea about what I need to put in the book. I already had a good idea, but I'm collecting details. I'm also thinking of having an editing party at my house when I'm close to being finished writing.


It's very cold today. We keep our house well-refrigerated at 62 degrees anyway, so it's just a bit colder inside the house than normal. Our heater does a relatively good job of keeping up. I suppose if we updated our windows, it could cut down on our energy bills. I don't know how much longer we'll be in this house, but it could save us some money in the interim. I'd also love to add central air conditioning to the house, but paying off credit cards comes first. I can't imagine that I'm mentioning air conditioning when it's barely 3 degrees outside.


Does blogger now support images? The last time I checked, there was some long process to do it, and you had to pay for it, etc. Now I see a little "insert image" button up there, and don't know if it will work. Let's try it, shall we?

Looks like it worked. Except it's up top. Oh, well.


  1. You think a book is a more sure pay-off than a job?

    Where did you get this astonishing idea?

    No one can make you poke out your own eyes. Estimate the job salary, and get that freakin' application in. Don't make me flick you on the head.

  2. I didn't say "more sure," I said greater. And I'll enjoy it more.

    I got this astonishing idea from reading about self-publishing and thinking a lot about the groveling aspect of applying for jobs. And how I'm essentially begging people to believe in me. When I already believe in myself.

    And I don't have to estimate the salary. It is $103, 000 per year. And I'm not applying, because I'm really tired of groveling, and jumping through stupid hoops. I'd rather stay where I am and build up my businesses until I can support myself.

    That's where I get that astonishing idea. It's the difference between relying on scraps from someone else's table, and creating my own table.

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM

    You can move the images around in your post to a click on the picture and drag it to where you want it to be.

    Is that your puppy that got hit by the car? Is that your daughter beside the puppy? Both very, very cute.


  4. Yes, that's the one that got hit by a car. That photo was taken long before that happened, though. And yes, that's my daughter. She likes to pretend she's a puppy.

  5. You don't think getting people to buy your book is like groveling and getting them to believe in you?

    And when I said "estimate that job salary," I was talking about your past salaries, which you need to fill out the application.

  6. No, I don't think it's groveling.

    I do think, however, that I don't want to discuss any more "book stuff" with you.

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM


    RE: your book stuff...

    Go for the gusto, ma'am. Taking chances is scary, but a part of life. And I think (based on your blog) that you have the right stuff to get your book published.

    "You got backin'," kid.


    PS: Your little girl has quite the head of hair. GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I'm sorry. I see that it says, right up there in the "about the blog" sidebar, that you're trying to get away from teaching and become self-employed.

    Go for the book career, if that's what you want.

    Below is the website of a guy who formed his own publishing company to publish his own books. He's done well. He's a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and I'm sure he gives talks on self-publishing on a regular basis. You could probably pick his brain at the conference this summer, or maybe just contact him and offer to buy him lunch.