Friday, February 10, 2006

3 years old

What does 3 years old mean?

  • Being able to turn on the "Wee Sing" CD in the player all by yourself.
  • Singing along with all of the insane songs on said CD.
  • Buckling yourself into your high chair and yelling, "Eat!"
  • Running around the kitchen, snorting.
  • Kicking and screaming and fighting when it's time to comb the hair.
  • Saying "no" every time mama asks if you want to use the potty.
  • Singing the ABC song.
  • Counting to 20.
  • Using the fine art of extreme passive resistance to get what you want (i.e. going completely limp and falling to the floor when mama tries to pick you up).
  • Finding the correct letter on the "find the letter game" on your little LeapFrog radio.
  • Hiding in the closet.
  • Crawling into bed with mama when you wake up at 3am.
  • Kicking mama in the kidney for about an hour, when in bed with her at 3am.
  • Not protesting when mama gets fed up and carries you back to your own bed.
  • Giving kisses. Exclaiming, "It's a kiss!" after each.
  • Playing with mama's phone.
  • Inadvertently surfing the internet on mama's phone.
  • Reading Curious George at night.


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    She does sound sweet...

    Enjoy her!


  2. This is good list. I like this list.