Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't Be Surprised

...when you try to get in touch with me and have found I've moved to Iowa.

The past few weeks, days even, have been terrible in Denver. Two people were found dead today, outside a community rec center. Possible homicide-suicide, they say.

Yesterday, a woman was killed by some asshat who shot at her boyfriend. Boyfriend is still in the hospital, in critical condition. Some bystander got shot in the arm. Oh, did I mention this happened inside a mall?

The day before that, two people were executed, pumped full of bullets, while sitting in their car on the street, presumably near where they live. The reason? The man was going to testify as a witness in court, is the speculation.

Horrible car accidents: every day. Asshats pulling out in front of me, causing me to drive using defensive maneuvers. People dying on the road. Every. Single. Day.

I sure hope my book sells like wildfire, because I need to get the hell out of here.


  1. Asshat

    That's a new one...I like it. Kinda like, "Shut up, you asshat!" or "Kiss the hat that is on my ass. Yeah, moron, my ASShat!"

    Good thing to yell while driving defesively in Denver whilst doging bullets...

  2. Yes, and I meant defesivly.

    A new asshat.

  3. errr...

    I guess I meant defesively.

    I'll quit drinking now and get a vasectomy so I don't further pee in the gene pool.

    I'm such an asshat.

    See it works!