Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A plain ol' log.

I do more before 9am than the Army does.

Well, maybe not. Let's see:

5:24am: I get up. Girlie gets up. I get her some milk. She plays in her crib while I read.

6am: breakfast.

7am: water flowers. Weed small flower bed.

7:30am: Take Girlie to park for walk. Walk 2.something miles.

9am: return home. Put Girlie in bed for first nap of the day.

9:30am: run errands. Bank. Go to library. Get pulled over by cop because I turned right when I shouldn't have (the road had a little "jog" in it...I didn't know...he only warned me..hooray).

11:00am: have coffee with girlfriend. Talk for ever. Happy happy.

1pm: go home for lunch.

Well...maybe not as much as the Army.

--groovygrrl, queen of balance

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