Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time on Task Thursday: Craft Fair Looming, Still, Plus my To-Do List

Since this appears to be Slacker Central, I will attempt to redeem myself by combining To-Do Monday and Time-on-Task Thursday.  My tasks today involve getting ready for the Sugar Plum Bazaar. This is the big show I will do this year, and I'd like to have good sales. 

This involves having SOMETHING TO SELL, I realized last week. Ha ha. 

So, my to-do list (that I lost yesterday, because I foolishly had it on paper) for today and tomorrow are as follows:

  • garland w/lights
  • small extension cord
  • wrap salts and sugar scrubs with twine
  • make solid lotion and label
  • make face lotion and bottle and label
  • get change from store
  • cut fabric strips
  • stamp more labels
  • pack ladder
  • pack soap dishes
  • buy bag of mini candy canes
The ones that are crossed off are being done by my husband, who works for my soap company. Bless his heart, please, when you are doing your daily blessings. Or some such thing. 

I have to complete all of that before 5pm tomorrow. TOMORROW.

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