Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not too late!

I am enamoured with making calendars. What is it about the passage of time that gets me riled up? I think it's because I'm turning 40.


In any case, the calendar above is my Etsy shop's best-seller! I guess there are a lot of writing women out there who want some inspiration and vintage fonts. You got it, sister.

My next-best seller is the moon phase calendar here:

It has all the traditional Pagan holidays noted, as well as all the moon phases for 2009. If you aren't into the Pagan thing, I have saved the calendar with the same cool font and design, but without the Pagan references--the notes section just says "Notes" and the holidays aren't marked, but the moon phases are still there. I love this one--I think it is so pretty.

With printable stuff, it's always the right time to snap it up. Tell your friends and send 'em over. You can click the photos for links to my Etsy shop, or you can purchase these with th Paypal widget right at the top of this page.

It's not too late! It's only mid-January. Get a new calendar, once!

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  1. super hip blog. love the primitive early web courier font!