Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Promo Queen

I can't be stopped! Behold the glory of my newest printable stationery set! I find this sort of thing fun, but also a challenge. My thoughts behind the stationery set designs: I don't want to put too much color/detail into them, so as to avoid taxing people's printers. Too much color = too much ink = expensivo.

The set contains: two folding cards (2 each in green and brown); four postcards (two each), and six gift tags (3 each).

Feedback! Give it up!


  1. I love the coffee cup. While the brown goes better with the coffee idea, that green is my favorite and very popular right now, so I'd keep that, too. A retro pink or turquoise might be cool, too... sort of 60s diner.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I actually have a turquoise one made up already! Pairing it with pink would be cute!

  3. Those would make cute invitations, too...