Sunday, August 31, 2008

Call for Submissions!

Paper Bag Press is a new online erotica shop. Only the highest-quality, erotic short stories will be allowed to grace your eyes. But first, the shop needs your stories.

Do you write erotic fiction? Maybe you write fiction, but need some money. Maybe you write nonfiction, but the only fiction that you write well is erotica. Maybe you've got some stories in a drawer somewhere, and you've been meaning to submit them for publication somewhere, but you never got around to it, because all the other sites only take novel-length romantic stuff.

Now is the time to get around to it. We want the sex.

Submit your best erotic short stories, and cross your fingers. The first 25 stories that are published will receive a 5% royalty bonus! All stories will be sold online, as electronic downloads. This saves trees, and gets your story published quicker. It also allows you to make money quicker. Print books may be in the future, as this is a new venture, but for now, online will be the way it goes.

How short is short erotica? What will they accept or not? When, oh when will that woman get back to me? I submitted my story yesterday!

All of these questions are answered at the newest purveyor of the highest-quality erotica on the planet. Hurry--go visit now. Type up those stories and submit them! Submit, I say!

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