Sunday, April 27, 2008

Luddite no longer


Thanks to Kitt, I can now see how many people are reading mah blog. Schweet!

It's not that I didn't know how--all the geekery is in full force out there, and I just need to harness it. But I sit here at my computer, and have fleeting thoughts, like, "I wonder how many people read my blog?" but then I never do anything about it.

And I was asked yesterday how many folks read this. And I responded with something like, "I have no effing clue."

Now I do! All two of you!


  1. LOL, I'm totally obsessed with my stats (that I'm terrible at figuring out). It is nice to have an idea though.

  2. Stats are addictive - almost as addictive as blogging itself some days.

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I'm just a big Karl Urban whore. You were flagged by my search alerts.
    But now I think I'm stopping by a little bit more. I'm finding some interesting reading here. I'm too boring to blog so I don't think much about any of it.

  4. Well, New Kitt, thanks for staying! I hope to live up to your blog-reader standards.

    I also enjoy reading blogs. I will post more often when summer comes--I'm a teacher, and will have the summer "off." Of course, I'm never really off--gotta feed the family--but things slow down considerably starting in June, so I'll be able to blog more.

    Damn, that was a long sentence. Who am I, Kafka?