Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm a delegate?

So I went to the caucus.

I've never done that before. And I grew up in Iowa! One would think we were taught at birth what a caucus is and what to do, and why. Alas, not so.

But I went anyway because this presidential election is important to me. I want to do something to help make good changes in our government.

And I was the only one.

OH, the school was full. Voting precincts 310 and 312 were packed. 301-309, as well.

My voting area is 311. And I was THE ONLY PERSON THERE.

They had a person from the Colorado Dems to help me. We sat alone in a room, called the meeting to order, and I was counted. I also voted for myself as a delegate. Unfortunately, 311 lost 3 delegates! We could have had 4! Oh, well.

I also voted myself in as the Democratic Committee Person for my neighborhood. That means I get to knock on all the doors of the registered democrats in my neighborhood and ask them why I was THE ONLY ONE at the caucus. And ask them to vote for Barack.


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  1. I told Joe this today and he was appalled. "None?" he said. "None?" He couldn't seem to get over it.