Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vacation log: day 1


No snow days to start the vacation this year, but I'll take it anyway. I haven't accomplished much yet today, except getting a banner and business card made for my new etsy shop! No! It doesn't have anything in it! You're right!

But it will.

"Oh, why, Amy, WHY are you doing something else? Why must you take on yet another business responsibility?"

Um...because it's fun? Yes, people, I have found some fun. I was sewing away, sewing all sorts of gifts for the holidays, when I stopped and realized: I'm having fun. Another fun thing for me is purchasing fabric. I don't necessarily have anything to make with it--I just want to look at it and feel it and have it.

And now I've discovered things to make with it, and I'm so excited! This will be another way to make a little bit of money, and to have some FUN.


1 comment:

  1. Wow - you're really becoming diversified!

    That's a good gift to give yourself.

    Happy Hollandaise!