Saturday, February 03, 2007


I am looking out my front window, and see clouds, yes, but no snow. NO SNOW.

I would breathe a sigh of relief if I didn't think it would jinx the whole thing.

I can't see Pike's Peak today, but I can see the Sleeping Dragon. The foothills have snow on them, but the big mountains look black. I'm sure there is some snow up there, but they are just too far away. Even in this neighborhood, we've got a mountain view. Unreal.

The Olde Crone came off vacation this week, and the response was good. I had a sale to celebrate my return to the land of consumerism, and it is paying off. I've had about 5 orders in one week, which is a very good thing. I've sold a few books this week, as well, so that's a good thing, too. I love selling books. I only wrote it once!

Speaking of which, I should probably get started on my next one. Well, I've got two going right now. Jeez. Gotta focus my efforts.

At least it's not snowing. Depression doesn't help my writing, as I am not writing poetry.

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  1. Hey - glad to see you're back in the land of the living.

    Did you get my e-mail re: me nominating you for a Perfect Post?

    If not, I did...and I hope you got some hits from it.

    Let me know...