Sunday, December 03, 2006

Feeling snarky? Then watch this...

...because even though it's a bit glurgy, it's true.


  1. 1. What's glurgy?

    2. Judgment about careers happens all the time. I remember the first serious college boyfriend I had invited me home for New Years' weekend. I went with him and his dad to run some errands, and his father (who was a teacher) had the big brass balls to say to me, "You know, you shouldn't be ashamed of your parents just because they didn't go to college." I replied, "I'm not, because they make more than you do."

    I wasn't ragging on the guy because he was a teacher, I was ragging on the guy because he was judging my parents and me without even knowing either one of us all that well.

    I wish that people in this world would just get off their high horses and enjoy their lives by living them instead of using them as benchmarks for everyone else.

    Great video, though...and very very true. Teachers do not get the credit they deserve in this country...not by a long shot.

  2. glurge=any email, story, etc. meant to pull at the heartstrings and cause an emotional reaction (usually to cry). This one can be considered glurgy because it is meant to do the same thing, albeit without the crying part.

  3. Ah - cool word. I'll have to use it more often.