Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting ready

We weren't going to have a huge Thanksgiving at our house. It was just going to be us and Friend Jerry.

Well, Jerry can't come, and neither can his wife Maxine, because they both have to work. So Izzy invited Friend Pete, who can come.

Then CB decided to make up a story about how they made a scheduling mistake at work, and scheduled him when he's not supposed to be scheduled, and therefore can't have the Thanksgiving at his house that he was going to have for his RF and his F, which he had decided upon AFTER being invited to our party, and is now bringing his kids to our party. Along with a family friend, who is not C like CB is.

So! Instead of 4 people, we are having 8 adults and 3 kids.

Gotta get more cleanin' done.

CB = Crazy Brother

RF= Random Friend

F= Family



  1. Oh NO...Thanksgiving can be so insane.

    Last year, we spent Turkey Day with a friend of Doug's, and let's see: Doug's friend and his wife fought, their bratty daughter wouldn't eat anything but pasta stars and Dove chocolates, and the rest of us looked on, thinking, "what the hell?"

    I hope that everything goes well in spite of all the initials being added to the formula.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. At least you know the food will be good. Izzy is certainly a good cook.

    Happy Thanksgiving!