Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My husband, the smart-arse.

I make soap. That's one of the things I do. Not only do I make it, but I sell it for a profit. Many people have purchased my soaps and find them lovely. Many people have received my soaps as gifts and wondered, "Is she trying to tell me I smell?"

But I digress.

Today, after dinner, my husband decided it was time for him to bathe. Thank goodness. It is Tuesday, after all.

So he's in the tub, and starts hollering for me. I go in there and have the following conversation:

Me: What!?

Smart-Arse Man: What's this soap? (hands it to me)

Me: *smells soap* It's Macho Man Face and Body Soap.

S.A.M.: Pfft. Isn't there any decent soap in this house?

*rolls eyes*

He knows, of course, that I have about 400 bars in the garage. Ass.

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