Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring break log: Day 3

I suppose yesterday was day 3, because we should count the weekend as the beginning of vacation.

What have I completed from my list? I made a batch of goat milk soap yesterday. Taught at the University last night (was that on the list?). Did a load of laundry. DH is cleaning and rearranging the garage, so that our soap making can be more productive.

Today I plan on relaxing a lot. The weather is nice, so DD and I will probably go to the park. I'm going to put soap on my new shelves in the garage, and label the shelves. I'll probably make another batch of soap tonight.

Oh, and I was talking to the bank yesterday about getting a business account and some merchant status. That's going to be a slower process--a choice, not a requirement.

I've got to do some gradebook stuff for my University class. Otherwise, today is all choice. I love that!

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