Saturday, November 05, 2005

Time for beginnings

Lots of things are happening right now. My website got up and running, and it's doing fine. I've had 4 sales, which pleases me.

The happiest part of it all is that my ebook is finally finished! I have written and published a book! It was so exciting to have it finished, that I sent out an email to my newsletter list for my soap. Within one hour, someone had purchased my book!


I am now officially an author/publisher. Time to get that website up and running, too, I guess.

The more I get things moving, the more I want them to keep moving. I keep moving and moving in the publishing direction. It's getting less and less scary, and more and more exciting. Of course, I called my parents to tell them I sold a book, and the first thing out of my dad's mouth was, "Now, don't think you are going to make $10,000 and quit your job with this." He went on to temper his comments with something about him being a "cautious" person. Um...wonder where my fear of entrepreneurism comes from? Of course, I told him that I sold one book, and that I was being realistic about the whole thing. He got more relaxed about it and more congratulatory as the conversation went on, but still, the first thing out of his mouth was the message, "Don't get excited, because you certainly won't succeed."

*shakes head*

I'm glad I didn't talk to my mother right then. She's far worse than he is, when it comes to doomsday predictions.

In any case, I'm not letting their fear become my fear. The fear is still there, but it gets smaller and smaller each day, as I conquer it slowly. I really enjoy what I'm doing. I wish I could do it full time.

Someday soon, Dad.

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