Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why not dream big?

I have been wondering lately why my dreams, I mean real dreams, have been so small. I have had daydreams that were nowhere rooted in reality at all, but since I applied for The Job, I've been dreaming bigger and bigger. Real dreams. About my actual life.

Why not? Why would I think, for one minute, that I was restrained from achieving whatever I wanted? And I'm not talking about abstract concepts of "success," either. I'm talking about:
  • Owning a million-dollar (or more) home. That I had built. To my specifications. With a blue tiled pool. Surrounded by a forest.
  • Owning a nice car.
  • Running my own successful business. Having too much business to handle, so that I have to hire someone.
  • Making so much money, I don't even have to think about whether or not I have enough.
  • Taking yearly vacations to the Atlantis resort on Paraside Island, in the Bahamas.
  • Or perhaps to Edinburgh.
  • Having a home office that looks like this (click "view in room")
  • Buying you this for a birthday gift.
  • Or perhaps this.
  • Or, maybe even this. Just for kicks. Just because I can. Just because I want to.
  • I would dress like this.
  • I would eat the best food.
  • I would drink the best drinks.
My life, in a nutshell, would be the best it's ever been.
So, Postiving Thinking Helps To Create The Reality People, am I being specific enough?

I suppose it would be, if I changed all the "woulds" to "is." Hmm.


  1. That is one *sweet* office. You're right. It's a good idea to dream big. And you deserve all those things. Boy I hope that job comes through. They'd be lucky to get you.

  2. I appreciate that. I have a friend who is a successful business dude, who is always negative to me, saying things like, "It's just not possible to...". I want to ask him why. Why is it not possible for me? If it's possible for you, then it's possible for other people, right?

    It just annoys me when people snort and say, "good luck at THAT," rolling their eyes to make their point.

    There was a time in my life that nobody would have doubted me if I said I was going to do something. Now, it seems, I'm surrounded by people who doubt. Mostly these people are at work. :)