Friday, March 05, 2004

What kindofa log is this? last post was on Monday!

And here we are, at Friday, and I finally have one minute (literally) to spend on blogging. Such is the life of a teacher, and I hate it more and more each day. The stupid politics. The incessant gossip. The ridiculous requirements for employment, either initial or continued.

Every day, I am closer and closer to chucking it all.

I think my posts make me appear manic-depressive (bipolar?). Unfortunately, that is not the case. If I were bipolar, I could take medication to help me get through this. Unfortunately, if I were to do that right now, it would not be considered "helping, it would be considered "drinking on the job."

I'm not at that point. :)

--groovygrrl, queen of ribaldry

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