Friday, February 17, 2012

Small Craft Business Friday: To-Do List Update

  • Make necklace for Seek (order)
  • Make artwork for B's necklaces (order)
  • Print artwork for B's necklaces
  • Make B's necklaces (One is already done--and sold to her on Friday)
  • Gather things for vending on Friday
    • tablecloth
    • banner
    • necklaces
    • Squareup and money bag w/change
    • charged phone
    • receipt book
    • business cards
    • jewelry care slips
    • silver polishing cloth (p.s. Everything from necklaces on down fits in one backpack.)
  • Make Valentines (Monday night)
It's been a productive week.

(Also, I don't know why I put a To-Do list up on Monday, and don't update it later on, for you. I think that's the natural Friday post. We'll see if that works better than my previous plan.)

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  1. i find to-do lists to be extremely helpful. nothin feels so good as crossing something off! on my to-do list was to make a new zanimal - would love for you to check out my blog: best, suzanne