Friday, May 06, 2011

Featured Crafter: Sara Lombard from Lilly's Paper

Please join me for our Friday Featured Crafter interview. Today: Sara Lombard from Lilly's Paper.

Do you sell exclusively online? What are your plans for increasing sales this year?

For the moment I do sell online exclusively. This year I plan to expand and contact a few stores to carry my items. My jewelry store is already located in two stores so I don't see a problem trying to get a few more items in.

What was the impulse to start your business?

The impulse to start my business came out of a need. I have a jewelry shop on Etsy and found myself spending lots of money for packing supplies, so I decided instead of buying one item here and there, I would begin making items for myself and offering some to Etsy sellers. I would offer great packaging at great prices, and my shop would be a one stop location.

What is your niche? What sets you apart?

My niche is catering to Etsy sellers, that's my one main purpose. After that I find myself selling to brides, people hosting parties, or for those who bought presents and need to wrap them. I believe what sets me apart is the fact that I try to specialize in one item (envelope stickers) and my shop carries enough of them so you are sure to find something that matches what you need.

Which materials/colors/techniques interest you the most right now? What is inspiring you, creatively?

Paper is my top interest, colors seem to change with my moods. Sometimes I enjoy bright bold colors, other days the muted blues really speak to me. I think more of the shabby chic colors sell; this may just be because it's my own personal favorite and I probably stock my store with more of those colors than any of the others.

What piece of advice do you wish you had, when starting your business?

Do it right the first time. It'll save you a lot of time and trouble down the road. An example? PHOTOS. Take a good photo the first time and have it be the last time you have to take a photo of that item. Don't post a bad photo just to get an item listed, work on that photo until its the best it can be and then upload the item. This way you'll never have to do it again.

What question would you like to ask our readers?

How do you package your Etsy purchases? Is packaging important to you? Do you agree that little touches like a ribbon or a sticker really improve the value of a gift?

Thanks so much for the interview, Sara. Readers? What say you?

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