Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Product Review: Square Up

The Square Up Card reader, on an iPhone. It works on other smartphones, too.

I have recently decided to change my merchant account provider. The Square Up card reader is the reason why. It is my personal opinion that all crafters who sell in person should have this device. Here are my reasons why:

1. The fee structure is amazing. It costs 2.75% per transaction, and that's it. No contracts. No monthly statement fees (I hate them!). You use it when you need it, and when you don't you pay nothing.

2. The ability to accept credit cards at a craft show is priceless. When I started accepting cards, my sales doubled. DOUBLED.

3. It works on an iPad as well as an iPhone and other smart phones. If you have wireless Internet where you are selling, the iPad works fine.

4. You can key in the credit card number, as needed. I've used this feature already, and it works fine. This does incur an additional .15 fee, plus the percentage is 3.5%. Fifteen cents? An extra 1.2% for the flexibility to key it in? Who cares?

5. The customer can "sign" the receipt. This is how it works on a touchpad smartphone. Awesome.

6. You can email or text the customer a receipt. I love this!

7. Swiping the card is faster than keying it in. When your customers are 3-deep, waiting for their turns to buy from you, time is crucial. Don't underestimate this benefit.

What device or system do you use for accepting credit cards at craft fairs?

**I have NOT been compensated in any way by Square Up or anybody affiliated with them. I just love this product.**


  1. Hey, I was thinking about a marketing point for you: Did you know that if you have a Brazilian blowout or other keratin treatment, you're supposed to avoid shampoos with sodium? I'm assuming you do not add sodium chloride, etc., to your shampoo bars. So that could be a selling point.

  2. What on Earth is a "Brazilian Blowout?" I will remember what you said about this. No, I don't add salt to my shampoo bars. Thanks!

  3. I use Square, too, and love it. Again, if you have a wifi connection, it also works with the iPod touch. Besides the points you listed, I also find that customers really like signing the "receipt" with their fingers. Bonus cool points!

  4. I am hoping they will let me have two card readers, because I'm planning on having my husband vend while I am doing a different table, at a craft fair in the fall. Will they let me have two readers? Time to investigate.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I was looking into the Square. I'm going to get it today.

  6. You are so awesome! Thanks for writing and keeping everyone informed. I enjoy everything you do. I was actually looking into Intuit....but found your post. I ordered one. Yeah. Thanks again Amy!

  7. You're welcome, Teri. When I find something really cool like this, I feel the need to share. Also, if it didn't work for crap, I would tell you. I just love my Square!

  8. I got my square up in Oct 10 last year right before the holiday shows~ Fast and yes...many coolness points! I can thank my husband for finding out about it. We use it on an Android. LOVE IT!

  9. I'm glad to know it works on non-iPhones. :) Some folks have asked me on forums and such.

  10. Update:

    If you email them and ask, they will send you a second device--no questions asked.

    It just keeps getting better!

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