Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soap Business 101: Getting Started

I had a great response when I asked my email newsletter folks a question. I just went and checked, and it's been over a YEAR since I asked.

I am lame.

But I haven't forgotten it, and I got a lot of feedback on it. I saved it all, and I still plan on writing a book on owning and running a craft business. I'm thinking I should focus it, though, and write the book about running a soap business in particular.

Which book would you rather read?


  1. Five years ago (maybe?) I looked at craft-business books, and they were okay. You could write a much better one. I think maybe you could use soaping as your example, but point out that the principles would work for craft businesses that fit certain criteria.

  2. Esri, I think that's a good idea. I'm good at the soap focus, but someone who makes candles, or even food items--anything made in large batches--could benefit.