Thursday, December 03, 2009

Getting More Traffic

Do you all know about StumbleUpon? I love it--you create a free account, and then you choose your favorite topics. When you "stumble" (i.e. click the button on the toolbar that you will install on your browser), they will choose a site that fits the profile you selected. You then have the option to click "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on the site.

Here's today's tip, then, for driving more traffic to your site. Go to your site, and thumb it up on your StumbleUpon toolbar. You will then have the option to "discover" the site for StumbleUpon, and enter appropriate tags. This is great for folks who have something for sale, because people who stumble across the site are potentially interested, because of their tags.

Please note the screenshot above. I wasn't getting any traffic to my ArtFire studio, so I went in and clicked on each of my items, and thumbed them up on StumbleUpon, and entered tags like "crafts," "printable," and "quotes from women." That spike at the end? That was the increase in visitors to my artfire studio on the day I tagged the items in StumbleUpon. Little more visibility? Yes.

Those items in my Artfire studio are also featured in my Etsy shop. If you're interested, this is my best-selling calendar. It's not too late to make your own gifts! Hint! Hint!

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