Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Publishing Project: Validation

Photo by Sarabbit. Used with permission.

My new publishing project, Craft e-Revolution, has begun. If you know someone who does craft or food tutorials with awesome photographs, please leave their link in the comments--I want to check them out.

I have offered two contracts to authors already, and I'm talking to two more. Whee! It's very exciting. I get discouraged sometimes with the amount of work that looms ahead of me, but I know it will be worth it. I got validation for this today when I read this article. Of most interest to me was this:

What does the rise of eBooks mean for Publishing?

That’s a tough question. There will be lots of changes as the shift from physical books to ebooks intensifies.

Here are a few things it might mean -

  1. We’re either in the middle of, or at the beginning of a huge tipping point – either Holiday Season 2009 or the year of 2010. By end 2010 ebook sales ought to be 10-20% of total sales.
  2. Publishers need to start figuring out how to survive on $7-$8 per ebook sale.
  3. Publishers should have a contingency strategy in case their take on ebooks falls to $4-$5 per ebook.
  4. A huge opportunity for new companies to become successful publishers.

A huge opportunity? I knew that already. Thanks for the validation, though. I'm on it.

1 comment:

  1. great idea.

    choosing a niche like knitting/food is a great idea too.

    why don't you get in touch with the top craft bloggers (there are a few in the top 100 blogs list at technorati and bloglines) and the top iphone app makers.

    they would make good candidates tow rite a book or help promote your titles.