Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls!

Last night I tried something new: I attended a roller derby bout. I had never been to the roller derby before, and my friend Heather (shown here, perusing the program) was in town for her 40th birthday, so that's a great reason to go, I figure.

The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are a local roller derby league. We were watching one of their teams, The Contenders. If you've never been to a roller derby bout, I recommend going to the next one you can find. It is an amazing display of female athleticism, power, and style. This is the action shot that was the least blurry:

Please note the skater falling down in the background. It happens. A lot. Which is why warming up is essential:

The entire thing is women-powered. Did you know all the skaters are volunteers? That's right--your ticket pays for from-the-heart entertainment. It is full of action, but you have to get used to the rules to follow the bout. It's not too hard to figure out.

Roller derby is not only about skating and athletic prowess. It's about style. Each of the skaters has her own style--for fashion, skating, and personal image. I suppose that's why the crowd was represented by such diverse styles:

drag queens,

men in kilts,

girls sitting on the floor with pom-poms in their hair,

lovely ladies with wicked handbags,

rockabilly cuties,

new wave punks (and dudes in Hawaiian shirts),

And Rollergirls themselves. She didn't seem to be skating tonight--maybe she's on another team. Here are few of the skaters from the bout:

Misstress Tarable and Flame N Fury,

and the high-scorer for the night, kick-ass jammer, and our personal favorite, Whipity Pow. Best roller derby name, evah. Do not mess with her. Just don't.

Support your local roller derby! You will love it! Grrls rock!


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    This is awesome. Thanks so much for spending your evening with us. Hope to see you at the next bout!

    Green Venom
    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Glad you had such a good time! Hope you can make it to the next bout - Sat. June 2nd.
    Thanks for taking the time to blog about your experience!

    Catholic Cruel Girl
    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Thank you so much for attending! We cannot wait to have you back. And that next is June 6th against Omaha where our Figth Club plyas for blood.

    Annia LateHer
    Rocky Mountian Rollergirls

  4. How fun! My Mom was just saying she met someone who is into roller derby in Milwaukee. There's some big event coming up in Castle Rock in June, I hear.

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I am so glad I got the honor to me you ladies! Hope to see you at another bout!
    Misstress Tarable

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Like the ladies said, thanks.
    It would be great to see you on the Party Bus. It starts and ends at the Sky Lark.
    You can come to the After Pary to meet the Girls.

    We go up to Greeley on the 16th.
    Can't wait to see you again.

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Thanks for coming and we're glad you had such a good time. Hope to see you at the next bout!

    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls