Friday, November 16, 2007

Kiss My Ass, Scammer

Found in my email box:

Please Sir, with due respect to your personality and a big thanks to your help for humanity. I wish to beg for your help on this soapmaking. I have learned the work but not yet expert. For God's sake I kindly need your help, just a guideline for making a hard soap. this where my problem occur and how to increase the volume to making my profit. I like this work and I dont want to be roaming about looking for government work. Sir, I know that my request is unusual but kindly help me with a teaching note which can guide me. Thanks. from Nigeria.

My blog response:

Dear "Jeremiah Clement,"

You want to learn how to make soap? Buy my book.

Most sincerely,

The Author


  1. Your personality was not flattered, I take it?!


  2. I'm diggin' the response you gave, girl.

    There's always folks trying to get something for nothing.