Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We love this guy.

My husband and I both love good food, and both love to dream about traveling. I say "dream about" because we don't have the money for actual travel.

In any case, a great show to watch is Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, on the Travel Channel. He travels all over the world, showcasing the people and their food. Bourdain's sardonic wit matches mine very often, and he is a truth-teller, which I appreciate. In the show he is often smoking, and just as often drinking/hung over. Great TV.

He is also a fabulous essayist. The Nasty Bits is a compilation of articles and such. I cannot comment on his fiction[see 7-10], as I have not yet read it. If it's anything like his essays, I'm putting them on my hold list at the library.

So congratulations to him and to his crew, as they were nominated for an Emmy Award for one of their episodes--Beirut. They were nominated under the "news" category--when in Beirut, a conflict broke out, so the film crew shot the whole episode about the conflict instead of the food, as they couldn't do their cook's tour anyway.

Good job, folks! I hope you win it!


  1. Anthony B. is totally worth anyone time to watch or read. And he's as fabulously cool in person as you imagine he is. :)

    Thanks for plugging him to us Denverites.

  2. He certainly looks cool! I need to watch the Food Network more often. It seems like every time I turn to it, I get that guy who travels around the world eating gross stuff like bugs, fried chicken feet, etc.

  3. He's the guy who wrote "Kitchen Confidential," which is a GREAT book, and probably a great example of just the right amount of embellishment for a memoir.

  4. Yes, I own Kitchen Confidential. It is a great read. And if you've seen Tony's show, you might start to think that there isn't too much embellishment at all--he's a tough cookie.